The Best Electric Cigarette Choice for Smokes Who Wants to Quit Smoking 


Are you ready to kick this habit? That’s the very awesome idea! Making that vow and commitment is half way the fight. It is never going to be that simple as you know that Smoking cigarettes is one of the most notorious and tough habit to beat. But deciding on the best way to quit is a perfect first step to ensure you really stick to it.E-cigarettes are among the viable methods of quitting and more looks comparable to, if not even better than, traditional nicotine replacement therapy which was considered the best before,the use of e-cigarettes as a quit smoking help to people who tried to quit using willpower alone.

From the study of e cig smoking the vapour provided by e-cigarettes contains nicotine but does not tobacco smoke, this therefore reducing withdrawal symptoms and craving in smokers. We can talk for ages and present a number of views on this topic but let me direct you to another important topic that will help you figure out the best e-cig for quitting smoking that will suit you.

Halo Cigs G6

If I was the person to rate the e-cigs, this could be and for your information it is best electronic cigarette for quitting smoking. G6 is made by a renowned brand, Halo which is most known manufacturing the best tobacco, menthol e-liquids and quality e-liquidson the market. G6 is designed to provide a real cigarette experience with premium flavour and it comes at an affordable price. Halo Cigs G6 has a standard four nicotine levels ranging from zero to twenty four milligrams. It also produces sufficient favour to overcome your craving.

Vapour 2 Cigs (V2 Cigs)

This is another popular electric cigarette for quitting smoking that can offer a good starting point for cigarette addicts who are looking for the perfect way to reduce their notorious addiction to nicotine. It comes with a number of flavors that have their pre-filled cartomizers. The vapour 2 cigs comes along in different starter kits giving the buyer options to weigh the best starter kit to suit their needs. It has five nicotine levels which will satisfy your needs.

It has variety of flavour ranging from mint variety, coffee flavour, sweet and tobacco blend which will give you an outstanding taste to your e-cig smoking.

Vape Pens

Some of us may want something which has a wonderful or an e-cig with a brilliant attractive and overwhelming design. This mostly apply to those heavy smokers who take a minimum number of up to thirty or more cigarettes a day. The best and more powerful electric cigarette they that would fit them is the vape pen. The vape pen is most renowned for its best value, best vapour and taste which adds up to the best selection of all e-cig.

Epuffer Magnum Snaps

If you really like the easy way out, something simple and not complicated then, epuffer magnum snaps is best for you. The features of the magnetic snap are easier to use with extreme portable design as it comes in a unique, compact electric cigarette that fits into your pocket. It comes with a variety of great flavour which produces plenty of good clouds during smoking.

Cigarette Starter Kit

This is a kind of electric cigarette designed for starters who have never used an e-cig before and now they are looking for an e-cig to help them quit their smoking habit or those just wishing to try out electric cigarettes. Cigarette starter kit is designed in a creative way to mimic the real cigarette. For some reasons cigarette starter kit has the best flavour, buzz, feel and even best style for e-cig starters.

To wind it up

If you’ve have tried and exhausted your options, think about the things that you would be willing to accept in terms of ease, you may decide to try out e-cigarettes or you may not even think about laying your hands on. If you have decided that you now want to try your hands at electronic cigarettes, mostly because you have seen other people using them, and some of your friends and family have actually managed to quit smoking by using the e-cigarettes. I’m really grateful and glad you have finally come over to the right side of the reality. Although choosing the best electronic cigarette is a matter of preference, we hope that you’ll find the best e-cigs for starters on this list.