Honest Review on Diacetyl in E-liquids



Since e-cigarettes took the smoking world by storm at least seven years ago, more and more cigarette smokers took the leap after viewing the grass as being greener on the other side and consequently ditched tobacco smoking for vaping. The media, however, alongside the anti-vaping community didn’t and still don’t do their life-changing decision any good by creating a wave of euphoria pertaining the use of e-cigarettes, specifically a certain compound they claim to be present in e-liquids, diacetyl. We’ll however take a closer look at their case and come up with the Best Eliquid review possible.


Diacetyl is a compound that occurs naturally, a product of yeast fermentation. It is used in the food-manufacturing industry, especially in things like microwave popcorn, to give the buttery taste that makes popcorn so irresistible. How then did it get to be the subject of a public health debate stretching from congress to courtrooms throughout the nation?


It all began in a microwave popcorn factory nearly two decades ago when the plant’s workers were diagnosed with Bronchiolitis obliterans, a condition that later came to be known as ‘lung popcorn’, which causes irreversible scarring of the lungs. Those who examined the case believed it to be as a result of the workers being exposed to extremely high concentrations of powdered diacetyl, which has not of yet been confirmed to be the direct result of their ailment. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which defined diacetyl as harmless when ingested but harmful when inhaled, has itself never confirmed that diacetyl was the cause of the lung condition that affected the workers. This however, hasn’t stopped the opponents of e-cigarettes from criticizing the vaping industry for having insignificant amounts of diacetyl in their product, despite there being zero reported incidences of vape users being diagnosed with lung popcorn since the inception of e-cigarettes more than seven years ago.

The vaping community, at least those who were already in the market back in 2010, decided to test the e-liquid for diacetyl following the aggressive campaign by the anti-vaping community and made the effort to remove it from e-liquids by contacting their flavor suppliers. However, another test done later in 2014 found that diacetyl was still present in the e-liquid, a portion slightly less than 1%, which is still above the low limits set by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), despite the vaping community not being aware of the presence of diacetyl due to their prior testing. This is because they set their detection limits at 1%, which the NIOSH was still not comfortable with. Diacetyl levels in vapes have since decreased.


For the best Eliquid review, we first have to get our facts straight. First off, the vaping e-liquid contains at least one hundreds times less diacetyl than a standard cigarette, yes, you didn’t read that wrong, an e-cigarette has a hundred times less diacetyl than the good old fashioned cigarette! So if you were planning to switch from vaping to smoking tobacco, take a step back and look closely at the numbers that are going to pop-up here and I’ll leave it to you to determine where your loyalties lie. What’s more, the average vaper comes into contact with diacetyl a whooping 750 times less than the average smoker. Add all this to the aforementioned fact that there’s no proven evidence to support the fact that diacetyl causes popcorn lung in smokers. Even cigarette smokers exposed to far greater proportions of diacetyl than vapers are not considered to be in danger of ailing from Bronchiolitis obliterans.

Research shows that cheaper vapes are more dangerous than their more expensive alternatives when it comes to diacetyl levels, a classic case of cheap is dear. This is why when it comes to buying a vape, it’s best to buy quality over cheaper alternatives. You may also want to check out the best Eliquid review out there to get the best one you can afford.


In conclusion, it’s crystal clear that vapes are safer alternatives to cigarettes, which contain higher diacetyl levels that suspiciously haven’t been as condemned as those in vapes. Additionally, there’s the option of vaping without any flavor for the vapers out there who want to hear nothing of diacetyl. The truth is that it’s not all doom and gloom as the attention-hungry media might claim. Diacetyl could be compared to chlorine, which is a poisonous substance but that doesn’t stop it from being used as a water treatment agent, albeit in small quantities. The quantity of diacetyl in e-liquid can be compared to that of chlorine in water. Ultimately, there’s no reason to panic. You might want to research the best Eliquid review and get yourself a new, more refined vape if you doubt the one you’ve got currently. There’s no evidence linking the low levels of diacetyl in e-cigs to any ailments out there, and until any solid proof comes up, the media should take their time and do their homework before they spread any more propaganda.