Best E-liquid and Vape Juices: Reviews and Guide


E-liquids and other vape juices have become the staple for smokers who wish to become non-smokers. If you have tried the gum, the patch, or other holistic methods, and they haven’t worked, this is the best route found so far. With many different flavors out on the market, it can be difficult to find the best one that appeals to you at the strength you need.

All about the Juice  

Vape Juices are the reason the vaping culture has grown so much over the past 5 years. They come in a variety of flavors from mango, cotton candy, to your typical tobacco taste that your grandfather still lives. Different juice flavors can help set your craving level to a minimum as you continuously lower your nicotine levels over a period of months. The lower the nicotine level is a liquid, the more likely you are to not want to vape, which in turn helps you quit entirely.

Best of the Best

One of the best series of juices currently being sold is V2. They are widely known for their Platinum Series Vape Juices. While their small selection of flavors vary, each are crafted perfectly for your vaping pleasure. With a 98% rating among other vape juices, V2 has topped the chart and has some of the best E-liquid reviews of any company thus far. Three of V2’s best flavors might surprise you.

Premium Liquid

Their best fruit flavor for those who need a little sweet in their life is their Cherry Platinum E-Liquid. At $16.95 for a 25-ml bottle, it is pricey but tastes so good. The 50ml bottle option is also available for $29.95.

Two of their best natural flavors are tobacco which they call “Red Tobacco” and dessert which is their “Mojito” blend. Both come in the 25ml and 50ml bottle options.

V2 also carries a “Green Tea E-liquid” which is their house menthol option. This also comes in a 25ml or 50ml bottle.

Heavenly Juice

Following close behind is the company “Halo”. They carry a line of vape juice called “purity” and it will certainly make you feel saint-like. It won’t give you wings, but it will make you blow clouds. In 2015, Halo E-juices won choice awards for 4 of their top flavors. Their prices can’t be beat at $20 for a 30ml container.

All Natural

When it comes to strong and bold flavors, “Black Note Tobacco Vape Juices” takes the cake. Where quality overpowers price, this e-liquid is known to be one of the safest juices currently being sold. Not only is their juice phenomenal, but their employees are too. With top notch customer service, this company is making moves within this industry, par non. Their juice contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, or chemical additives, and is the first lab tested certified N.E.T. vaping liquid on the market.

Into the Fog

Cosmic Fog Vape Juices is the premium fruity juice company out there. Fresh fruit tastes reel in the customer. Names like Euphoria, Shocker, and Sonrise, they compile flavors together such as pineapple, kiwi, and orange to create delicious vape medleys. They also sell other non-fruity flavors such as Milk and Honey, Cream, and Japanese Pears. If you love your fruit, this is the company for you.

Not Welding

Mig Vapor which is formerly known as MigCigs has brought about quite a few diverse flavors that have flooded the vaping market. With some of the lowest prices for liquids that are created in house, you can’t go wrong.

Rolling Stone Premium Ry is Mig Vapor’s Tobacco blend and is available in a 30ml bottle for $17.95.

Dragon’s Blood is a crowd favorite for the fruity flavor connoisseur. A 30ml bottle is $17.95.

Baked Vanilla Custard with Cream brings up the rear as their dessert flavor. A 30ml Bottle is $17.95.

Bringing Up the Rear

Vista Vapor and Mt. Baker Vapor are both evenly matched. With house blends cheaply made, they have a slew of flavors that you can choose from. Over 160 choices available with the ability to customize. At $4.99 for a 17ml bottle, this company gives a lot of bang for your buck.

Climb That Mountain

While Vista Vapor is still new, Mt. Baker Vapor is one of the oldest vapor companies to date. With over 158 flavor options available they are known as one of the top vape juice creators in the US. With strong customer service and quick 24hr shipping options, this vape company is one of the best. At $4.99 for 15ml bottles, the price is right too!

Buy with Caution

Please be mindful when purchasing E-juices as nicotine strength levels do differ, and can offer different effects. For example, 24mg per ml is 2.4% which is typically vaped by smokers who have been used to two packs per day for most of their lives. As your nicotine level drops from your system, slowly move forward down the chart. The lowest level possible is the intended goal and to reach a point of complete non-smoking.