Am Hooked to E-Cig: What’s Motivates Me to My Next Vape


The anxiety can only be compared to one felt by a ten year old when an ice cream truck stops in the hood. It’s always a fresh and innocent longing that drives me to the next vape shop after a long day. The aftertaste that lingers after enjoying a rich flavor keeps me going until my next dose. I have never actually put the experience in writing. However, am certain that enthusiasts out there will definitely agree with me. E-cigs are not some pop culture that will soon pass and be replaced by another. Styles might change and flavors enriched. However, the whole idea is here to stay. Based on some of the best ecig reviews in the industry, I have compiled top 5 reasons I am hooked to vape.

1. Rich E-Liquid Flavors

The credit here goes to dozens of manufacturers that strive to quench the thirst of vapers in amazing ways. I started with virgin mint during my amateur days. However, everytime I walked into a refill shop I found myself trying out new stuff. I even realized that you can end up with a perfect mix of more than two flavors just by experimenting. I have developed a unique taste for original stuff with a perfect throat hit. This drives me to get one whenever time allows.

2. The Adventure

I am always on the look out for something original and unique. Everytime I empty my e-cig, I get the feeling that the next one will even be better. The refill shops I frequent have tasters. I can spend hours trying out new flavors. It gives me the unique feeling of being part of the research process. It’s like a treasure hunter always in the look out for something unique and expensive. I do this at least twice a week or when time allows. Although I have had my disappointments with horrible flavors, the entire experience excites me.

3. The Pack

I am no lone ranger. I like the sense of belonging that comes with being a vaper. Actually, my friends and I get together once in a while for ecig parties. It’s more like how people get together for joint. Only that ours is purely legal. We chat about lots of stuff relating to vape and ecigs. There so much to discuss and it’s a perfect past time for us. The fact that what brings us together is this amazing gadget is what makes me cherish it.

4. The Literature

I like reading about things that interest me. So I natural check out vape sites for the newest talk on the streets. I learn about what other people feel about the experience and it’s always amazing. Whether it’s a former tobacco addict who has gone clean with tobacco free vape, or a professional revealing a new discovery. The community is huge and diverse and it gives me the confidence of being a vaper. I have learnt a lot of interesting stuff and made new friends online. The comfort that comes with it is not something I would like to lose.

5. Diversity

If you were on cigarettes before then you know how much diversity ecigs provide. The electronic version come with functionalities that allows you to control how and what you take in. For instance, if you’re into thick vapes with strong throat hits then you can opt for synthetic e liquids. Otherwise, you can get lighter vapes with natural refills. E-cigs are also adjustable and you can opt for long shallow vapes or short deep ones. The choice is yours. You also get to choose a flavor based on your moods. For instance, I like to add some little chocolate twist to my liquid when it’s cold. This is an experience I never had as a smoker and that’s why am not quitting vape ever.

I got into ecig because I desperately wanted to quit smoking. I never thought it would quickly become a hobby. On a doctor’s recommendation, I entered a regime that lowered the amount of nicotine I consumed. This is until I discovered that I could enjoy dozens of other flavors. Then the adventure began. Currently, I am a committed member of a global community of vapers. I am not only healthier and confident, but also an e-cig advocate and enthusiast. If you hear me writing so passionately about ecigs, then at least you understand my motivation.